Past Communities

At RedBerry Homes, we choose the communities where we build our homes very carefully. We only want the best for our RedBerry homeowners, so a lot of thought and planning goes into every step of our home building process. We select communities within a close-knit neighbourhood with a strong family presence to give you and your family the best atmosphere possible.

Marl Lake Village

Nestled between the water and the woods sits Marl Lake Village, the ideal location for your new home. Few home neighbourhoods are as well planned and respectful of the surrounding environment as these new homes in Wasaga Beach. Less than five minutes away from Nottawasaga Bay on Georgian Bay, this family-friendly community is made for people who seek a cozy yet different lifestyle.



When we plan our developments, there are a few important things we consider. Location, size, and community are all key factors we think of first and foremost before we do anything else.



At RedBerry Homes, we want our designs to be as flawless as you need them to be. We take into account how real people like you and your family will be living in one of our homes, and that's our inspiration for every design we create.



When developing our homes, rest assured we use both quality products and construction. We want you to be as proud to live in your home as we are to call it a RedBerry.



You should love your home as much as we do, which is why all our philosophies lead to this one. Our goal for each and every RedBerry homeowner is to grow, love, and make memories that will life a lifetime in their home.