Our mission

Building homes for 35+ years

Our architects, planners, trades and staff realize that the home we build for you today is a reflection of your family’s tastes and lifestyle, and a valuable investment in your future. With our reputation as home builders in mind, our mission is to continuously strive to build better homes: homes that are attractive, contemporary, distinctive, and affordable.

Mario De Rose

President, RedBerry Homes

A family-run home builder, building a legacy for over 35 years

At RedBerry homes, we incorporate traditional family values into each and every home we build. We have more than a quarter century of expertise in community development planning, home design excellence, quality craftsmanship, and attentive customer service. Our team of professionals employ hands-on building experience to provide you with the absolute best possible value in a new home purchase.

We are a proud family-run home builder with years of experience building new homes and communities in Southern Ontario.


Quality and value are our top priorities when it comes to building your home. Our reputation as home builders means you and your family get the best home possible.

Green Living

We understand that your family’s future, as well as the future of your home, is important, which is why we use cutting edge technology to build greener homes.


Home isn’t just a house – where you live shapes your family. We select what we believe to be the best neighbourhoods so your family can grow exactly how you need it.



When we plan our developments, there are a few important things we consider. Location, size, and community are all key factors we think of first and foremost before we do anything else.



At RedBerry Homes, we want our designs to be as flawless as you need them to be. We take into account how real people like you and your family will be living in one of our homes, and that's our inspiration for every design we create.



When developing our homes, rest assured we use both quality products and construction. We want you to be as proud to live in your home as we are to call it a RedBerry.



You should love your home as much as we do, which is why all our philosophies lead to this one. Our goal for each and every RedBerry homeowner is to grow, love, and make memories that will life a lifetime in their home.